Monday, June 25, 2012

New Design: Cut Out Shift Dress

It's definitely about time I started to make a new design. My Etsy shop is in dire need of some new items so here goes. This is my idea....

I made this t-shirt a while ago using a basic t-shirt style and cutting out diamond shapes for the tartan sections. I didn't make a pattern for this it was just something I threw together without much thought! The photos aren't the best but I hope you get the general idea. Its basically two diamond shapes cut out of both sides - one higher than the other. I also cut out triangles from the sleeves to tie in the tartan.

I like the idea of using this cut out style for a shift dress. Especially after finding this fabulous printed April in Paris cotton fabric. I'm going to use a black stretch twill fabric for the basic shift dress and the printed fabric for the cut out sections. It will be a basic shift dress with no sleeves and no darts. Here are photos of my chosen fabrics.

What do you think of this idea? Would it be something you would wear? Or want to make? In my next post I'll show you how I go about making the design and pattern. All comments welcome.


  1. I love your idea and I love the fabric. I'm your newest follower from Blogging Buddies "follow me" thread. I would love a follow-back if you have the time:

  2. That Paris fabric would look great in a t-shirt like the one you've shown!
    New follower, following you back from Blogging Buddies!


    1. Thanks Kim, I'm actually putting it in a shift dress instead. Hope it works!


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