Thursday, November 7, 2013

Its been a while!

Sorry its been a busy year for me. Moving house and in the process of building one. In a rental at the moment which is turning into a nightmare due to the absolutely crazy landlord. He has taken us to court to try and evict us for nothing! But that is a whole other story!

Luckily I have still managed to pull together a few new designs for my Etsy shop this summer. I am working on more and will post more details as soon as I have the photos ready!

Here is the first one. I love elegant tea length dresses that can be dressed up or just worn day to day. I used floral ivory lace for the bodice and and striking blue chiffon for the skirt. The skirt is underlined with a rayon lining and the bodice with a soft cotton. The bodice has princess seams, which creates a great fitted look.

Other designs to follow soon.

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