Friday, October 5, 2012

Jive Dress in its Full Glory!

As promised here are a few pictures of me in the jive dress I created. If I use it again I will definitely be adding some more bling to make it sparkle a little more. But with the limited time frame this is as far as I got! The only change I made after the dress rehearsal was to add an extra strap across the back to stop the shoulder strap from falling off. I made the strap in nude but realized too late that it wasn't actually the color of my skin. I think I might end up changing the strap to the red color to make it part of the design as it looks a little weird. But hey ho it seemed to work at the time.

I also made a bracelet from some sequin trim I found in JoAnn's to add some sparkle to the other hand.  

The jive routine went well in the end with no major mistakes. Our first performance in public was very nerve racking but has given me a confidence boost and I look forward to our next outing! We are learning the quickstep and tango next so will probably plan on making a full length gown next. Looking forward to that! 

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